Tailed Fish

Tailed Fish

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Aysegül Fashion has a place in the hearts of brides-to-be It turns your dream wedding dress into reality with the Mermaid Tailed Dress. With its purple color and magnificent design, this wedding dress model is a candidate to be the symbol of elegance and magnificence.

Magical Design: Tailed Fish Dress emphasizes the body lines with its fish form, making the bride-to-be look like a princess. it feels. It makes every moment unforgettable with its elegant and sophisticated design.

The Magic of Purple: Purple color adds a fascinating atmosphere to the Fish Tail Dress. The combination of nobility, elegance, mysterious air and purple color makes your wedding dress dazzling.

Pearl and Lace Details: Tailed Fish Dress is decorated with pearl embroidery and lace details, each One detail has been carefully chosen. These elegant details are the unique elements that distinguish your wedding dress from others.

Comfortable Elegance: Thanks to its high quality fabrics, the Fish Tail Dress combines both elegance and wearing comfort. It is designed so that you can dance freely on your special day.

Get Ready for Fairytale Memories: Aysegül Fashion's Tailed Fish Dress model is designed for you to accumulate unforgettable memories in a fairytale atmosphere. Live your wedding day as you dreamed with this special wedding dress.

Make a difference on your wedding day with Aysegül Fashion. Make your choice now for a magnificent wedding dress experience with the Fish Tail Dress.

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