Fish Dress

Fish Dress

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Legendary Design: The Mermaid Dress hugs the body lines perfectly, offering the bride-to-be a unique combination of elegance and elegance. This special design will make you feel like a princess.

The Magic of Cream Color: Cream color adds a soft elegance and a warm touch to the Fish Dress. Combining the nobility of the cream color with the fine details of the wedding dress, it will transport you in a fairy tale atmosphere.

Fine Details, Big Effect: Mermaid Dress, with pearl embroidery, lace details and elegant strapless cut. draws attention. Every detail has been carefully considered, which makes the wedding dress unique.

Comfortable and Stylish: Thanks to its high quality fabrics, the Fish Dress combines elegance with wearing comfort. It preserves your elegance while allowing you to move comfortably while dancing.

Live the Moment of Your Dreams: Have an unforgettable moment on your most special day with Aysegül Fashion's Fish Dress model. You will feel like a princess in this wedding dress, where elegance and elegance come together.

Make the wedding moment of your dreams come true with Aysegül Fashion. Get ready to have a magical wedding dress experience with the Fish Dress.

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